Bored by other trailrides? Want a unique riding experience? Join one of our extremely fun, vigorous, fast-paced rides, and hone your riding skills out in nature.


Our trailrides are for experienced riders who are looking for a challenging field-riding experience, and are tailored to each rider's skill and comfort level(s). 

All new trailriders must complete a short evaluation ride in the ring prior to leaving the stable.

Safety is paramount and all rides are custom designed for all abilities with rider’s input and comfort-level and at trainer’s discretion. If riders aren't quite ready for a Misfit trailride, don't worry, we we will provide an equally fun and exciting riding experience.

MAXIMUM 2 riders per ride. All rides MUST be booked at least 72 hours in advance.

Helmets are required and supplied (if you don’t have your own) and safety vests are available upon request.

** Important: The pace, route (terrain), and complexity of the ride will be determined by the skill-level of the least experienced rider in the group. 


Trail Rides


Field Lessons

  • 1 hour private (our horse) - CALL FOR PRICING

  • 1 hour private (your horse) - CALL FOR PRICING

** Important:  You must have ridden with us before to take a field lesson.

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